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EU to fit noise limiters to MP3 players.

According to this report the short penis equipped members of the EU are now looking at limiting the volume at which you can listen to your music. Never you mind that annoying freedom of choice rubbish, this is the EU and THEY KNOW BEST with regards your acceptable level of music listening.
Noise-limiting controls will soon be fitted to iPods and mobile phones sold in Britain and on the Continent.
The European Commission wants to pass new legislation for a ‘default’ volume setting as it fears millions of music fans could suffer hearing loss and sue the manufacturers.
Officials believe MP3 players pose a huge health threat as digital production techniques mean sound quality stays excellent at very high volumes, with some devices pumping music out at 120 decibels - the volume of an aeroplane taking off.
Gosh how jolly thoughtful of them, never mind that some folk out there might be hard of hearing and in order to use an MP3 player need to volume, well turned up high.

Still nice to know that in these days of financial ruin -none of which was predicted by the legions of EU politicos- that they have the vital issue of possible court cases involving loud MP3 players resolved. They really are worth every penny of the billions we pour into the EU shit fest every year.

SPOING! Irony meter has now broken. Hat tip to Opinionated Crybaby for this one.

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