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Fat TUC gobshyte Brendan Barber lays down the law to Cyclops.

The paymaster lays down the law to the depressed snot gobbling PM.

Gordon Brown was threatened with strikes and stoppages today, as union action caused rubbish to pile up on the streets of Leeds and a postal strike crippled deliveries across the country. **Much like the winter of discontent that happened the last time vile Labour scum ran this land.

Speaking at the start of the four-day TUC Congress in Liverpool, union leaders, who collectively provide 70 per cent of Labour’s funding, warned the Prime Minister that he must protect jobs and help the lowest paid, or face further industrial action.

Brendan Barber (in photo), general secretary of the TUC, said public sector job cuts could raise unemployment to 4 million and lead to “riots on the streets”.

Dave Prentice, general secretary of Unison, the public sector union, threatened to withhold backing from Labour’s general election manifesto if it contained plans to slash public sector jobs. “We will not support a manifesto that leads to job losses and privatisations,” he said.

Never mind that Labour are spending money they have not got, the TUC want to protect their members most of whom are in the public sector. Gordon has a problem on his hands here, its enough to drive a PM mad.

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