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Gordon Brown does not look well.

I saw the snot gobbler on telly today and he did not look a well man, might be worth a fiver on the dead pool methinks as an outsider.

Still such happy thoughts aside, its not the first time that questions have been asked about his mental behaviour as this shows.

Psychotherapist Lucy Beresford puts the bogie eater on the couch and tells Daily Politics that Cyclops is 'deeply insecure' and bringing Peter Mandelson back was "Freudian" bordering on "self-mutilating behaviour".

Claims are doing the rounds that the PM is taking powerful drugs to control both depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). MAOIs - which stands for Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors - are generally a last line of treatment for major depression, when other anti-depressant drugs have failed. They can also be very effective in treating OCD. But they are potentially extremely dangerous. If the patient eats or drinks the wrong thing, they can result in death – hence the PM's "long list of forbidden foods".

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