The National Debt Clock.

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Gordonomics in action: Billions paid out in interest on borrowed money.

Gordon has been going mad with the plastic:
So Labour borrow money, waste it employing non jobs, then have to pay it all back plus interest meaning that they or rather the Tories after the election will have bring in slashing cuts in order to balance the books.

Thus leading to fuckwit MP's like Paul Flynn bleating from the back benches about evil Tory cuts.

The papers were part of the Treasury’s work on this year’s Budget, which set out plans to increase the national debt to £1.4 trillion.

Not only that but the daft one eye'd snot munching, pill popping fucker plans to borrow even more money on the never never.

Just think how many police on the beat, hospitals, schools, prisons, decent road and rail systems and other usefull things 63 billion quid would buy; instead it is going to serve the debt racked up by this shiftless, amoral, bunch of cunts government.

Time to escort these Rt Hon. gents and ladies to a gallows at Tyburn.

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