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Graham Allen wants reform, maybe he should start with his expenses.

Graham Allen has been critical of Government policy, in a letter to Communities and Local Government Secretary John Denham, Allen argues:
“…the way the UK governs ourselves seems to be stuck, Brezhnev-like, in command politics. This is seen at its starkest and its most wasteful in central control of local government – a concept both alien and hilarious to most western democracies.”
Yes, all very good I am sure and our system is in need of a good clear out. Maybe a good way to help would be for Mr Allen to cut down on his expenses(PDF ACA expenses)

On top of his cushy wage as an MP, he claims back his council tax, his utility bills as well as £400 a month on food; as well as £249 quid a month cleaning! Whats he doing to cost us that amount each month, flying in his cleaner from Poland?

I have had a go at him before over his graft and robbing the public pocket. A fat expenses hog who is happy to chow his way through £400 a month in food and yet votes against letting the Gurkha's staying.

At least the Gurkha's work for a living Mr Allen.

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