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Improve your home and Labour will tax it.

If you have just proudly added an en suite bathroom to your house or laid a tiled floor in your conservatory, then beware.

As part of secret plans for a council tax hike on the middle classes, inspectors have been armed with a new ‘snoopers handbook’ to ensure that no home improvement – however discreet – escapes their scrutiny.

The Big Brother manual trains valuation experts how to follow up leads from ‘informants’ by undertaking ‘detective work’, including photographing properties, plundering estate agents’ details and room-by-room inspections.

In July, The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Valuation Office Agency is compiling a database that will give all 23million homes in England one of 100 ‘dwelling house codes’, which are expected to form the basis of a council tax revaluation if Labour wins the next Election.

Middle-income families are likely to bear the brunt of any tax increases as the Government struggles to fill the black hole on its balance sheet caused by the recession. (A recession caused by one James Gordon Brown)

The handbook, complete with audio commentary, sets out how inspectors can catch homeowners who have so-called ‘value significant’ features.

One exercise reads: ‘Your office has been informed the roofspace has been converted into a fourth bedroom. Your task is to establish whether existing details [for the house] require amendment.’

Another states that ‘information has been obtained’ about a house that has been ‘extended to include another living room and two new bedrooms with en suites. It also emerges that the house has a partial view of the mountains’.

The message is simple, Gordon has spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave and now the money has run out we are all going to be taxed to the poorhouse so he can carry on pissing our money away.

Try to improve your lot and Labour will tax you, remember a vote for Labour is a vote for ever more taxes, inspectors and regulations.

Brown will tax anything and everything he can, whilst spending ever more on his state employed client base.

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