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John Hutton in sleazey deal with EDF.

Gosh what a strange coincidence, he sets up a deal with EDF and now lands a cushy pay off job with them.
The Cabinet Minister behind a £12.5billion nuclear power deal with French-owned energy giant EDF is set to take a highly-paid job with the firm.

John Hutton’s proposed move comes just a year after the former Business Secretary gave the go-ahead for the firm to buy many of Britain’s existing and future nuclear power plants.

It is bound to raise new questions about the so-called ‘revolving door’ which allows Ministers to quit and take up lucrative jobs with firms they helped while in Government.

The energy deal saw EDF – which is controlled by the French government – take over British Energy and its eight UK nuclear power stations.

It also gave the firm control of most of the sites earmarked for building new nuclear power stations in Britain, including Sizewell in Suffolk and Dungeness in Kent.

Now EDF, the world’s largest energy firm, wants Mr Hutton, who resigned from the Cabinet in June, to take ona role advising the firm on ‘key strategic issues’.

John Hutton a grade a shit who can on one hand vote to close post offices whilst on the other campaign to save them in his area, a bloke who sees taking vast amounts of le cash of the French as fine whilst voting to stop Gurkha's settling in the UK. (A vote that was defeated).

A parasite who expenses(PDF) show he claims back his council tax, grabs free food*, has his utilities paid for and is even to lazy to shove a hoover around as he claims cleaning expenses as well.

**By free food I mean the MP's food allowance of £400 a month, that we pay for, that allows elected scum like Hutton to eat like fudal overlords.

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