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Labour overpay public sector staff.

Bungling officials at a Whitehall department have overpaid the civil servants who work there by more than £1.5million in the past three years, it emerged last night.
The Ministry of Justice - which is run by Jack Straw and oversees prisons, courts and probation - has admitted that almost £1million will never be recovered.
In one case, a junior civil servant almost doubled his salary. The unnamed official was supposed to be paid £22,000 a year but walked away with an extra £18,500. It is not know whether that money was clawed back.
The ministry was forced to reveal the errors following requests under the Freedom of Information Act, which revealed that more than 1,000 staff were overpaid
by a total of £1,522,995 over the last three years.
Barely a third of that sum has been recovered, with £904,076 written off as losses by Government accountants.

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