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Lazy members of the plod arrest citizen who does their work for them.

Whilst the plod were rather busy engaging in games of tetris online and paperwork shuffling, when a citizen defended himself from feral scumfucks they chose to cover up their embarrassment by nicking him.
When police failed to help after Roland Digby's house was repeatedly pelted with apples by a gang of youths, the father-of-three tried to perform a citizen's arrest.

But instead of the yobs, it is he who has been left facing court.

He was arrested and charged with common assault after allegedly placing his hand on a 16-year-old's shoulder to restrain him.

The youth swore at him and a scuffle broke out, so Mr Digby put him in a 'full-nelson' behind-the-back armlock 'to make sure he didn't get away'.

About 15 other teenagers then joined the fray, which ended after several minutes when Mr Digby escaped with a 'clipped lip'.

But despite four 999 calls no officers turned up to his house. When they did arrive five days later, it was Mr Digby that was arrested.

The courier driver, 49, said: ' People who stand up for their own rights face a criminal record, while the perpetrators get off. I am totally disgusted by this. The police have just hung me out to dry.

'When I was young, if someone told you to disappear, you would, but now people say you can't touch them or you'll get in trouble.

'I have lived in this town for 25 years and used to run an off-licence. I always complied with enforcing ID checks and I had a good relationship with the police.

'They know me well but I am shocked by what has happened.'

New Labour tough on citizens who defend themselves, tough on the causes of citizens who defend themselves.

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