The National Debt Clock.

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Mad Gordon Brown blows our future at £6,017 quid a second.

The Times is reporting on the vast debt mountain being made by the madman Brown:
Britain is clocking up debt at a rate of £6,017 per second as the Government struggles to balance the books. With tax receipts plummeting because of the recession, state borrowing grew by £16.1 billion last month — almost twice the entire budget for the 2012 Olympics.
Mr Brown who famously stated that there would be no more boom and bust has borrowed vast amounts on the never never.
Net borrowing for the first five months of the financial year stood at £65.3 billion, compared with £26.1 billion at the same stage last year. Total borrowing soared past the £800 billion mark for the first time and total state debt as a proportion of national output reached 57.5 per cent.
All of this to keep white elephant projects going and legions of paper clip shuffling non jobs in comfortable offices, playing solitaire all fucking day.
Just to pay the interest on its ballooning debts the Government must find more than £30 billion a year — about £500 for every man, woman and child in the country.
Just think on that £30+ billions used to pay off debt. Thats it, no hospitals, police or roads built, not a thing, instead its used to pay off Gordon's national credit card.

Now if we had a steady growing economy, if we had rising tax receipts and more people in work that would not be so bad; or rather not the fucking disaster that Brown has created:
The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that tax receipts in August dived by 9 per cent compared with August 2008, while public spending rose by almost 3 per cent. The widening gulf was bridged by borrowing. Spending on benefits grew by £900 million to £13.5 billion as unemployment soared.
Ye Gods, Brown has lost it. The amount coming in go's down but his expenditure go's up. In any business that is a disaster waiting to happen, in government it is unforgivable.

So pick a figure: £6,017 a second or £361,020 per minute. £21,661,200 an hour or 519,868,800 a day. Go on pick one, after all your paying for it, along with your kids and maybe theirs as well. This is going to go down in history as they biggest waste of cash ever.

Someone feed the fucker some cheese with his meds. Maybe one of his police guards could takes him down with a bullet to the head.

Brown needs to go now, either out of office or off to a Swiss clinic...

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