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New Labour slop bucket plan, the latest madness from mad Gordon Brown.

Ye Gods, enough already. We are taxed to death, over regulated, snooped on by every government agency staffed with curtain twitchers. Now this.
Every home will be issued with a kitchen slop bucket under plans being drawn up in Whitehall.

Ministers aim to ban the dumping of food waste in landfill sites. They insist that all the food collected by binmen is instead sent to recycling plants.

The nationwide scheme will mean that households will be forced to have a separate slop bucket - or kitchen caddy as Whitehall prefers to call them - for everything from chicken bones to mouldy lettuce and left-over baked beans.

Those who fail to recycle food waste and try to put it out with their general refuse are likely to face bin fines - which typically run at £110 but which can now in some cases reach £500.

The ban on landfilling of food waste - and also aluminium, glass and wood - is being prepared by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn. It comes amid rising fears that the scheme will cause hygiene problems and encourage vermin.

In a trial at 94,000 homes in 19 council areas last year, a quarter of those taking part reported terrible smells and infestations of maggots, flies and rats.

They said that in the summer the stench grows worse and the slop buckets attract even more vermin.

No doubt they will have a slop bucket czar, enforce it with council snoops enquiped with powers of entry and a clipboard and dole out fines to the law abiding citizens like smarties. The latest madness from our screamingly mad PM, Gordon Brown the nearest thing to a screaming Mrs Rochester let out of the attic.

As for Hilary Benn, well what can we say? A mad howling an the moon eco loon removed from all reality. A chap who thinks buy one get one free offers kill baby seals or something cunting nonsense; who states the bleeding obvious after his department over regulated food and increased food wastage.

Oh lets not forget that Benn is a veggie who is in charge of the meat industry.

He is also the tool behind this governments recycle or get a fine from the bin Stasi campaign.
Then there was a cash sleaze story, involving a payment of £5000 on 22nd June 2007: David Abrahams donates £5,000 directly to Hilary Benn's deputy leadership campaign.

A hoon that is planning more regulations for what people can grow in their own back gardens. A champagne socialist, he is happy to be one of 30 grafting spivs with family on the payroll. He also loves the idea of ever rising taxes on the evil motor car. Benn wants to open up the coastline to ramblers, but not on the champagne socialists own estate. Still blowing money, especially other peoples comes very easy to him...

Another one for the gallows at Tyburn come the revolution.

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