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The pedophile bill

Ed Balls appears to be backtracking over plans to loig everyone who works with kids, stick them on yet another database and treat them all as suspects.

Well yet another nonjob by the name of Sir Roger Singleton, who is chairman(should that not be chairperson?) of the Independent Safeguarding Authority, has said that people need to "calm down" and consider the issue "rationally". The ISA is the quango of taxpayer funded pen pushers and underpant sniffers, who will enforce this crap.

Well Sir Roger can fuck the fuck off, what this tosser fails to realise is that he works for us. Yep, Sir snooper fucking state Roger, we pay your wages, we provide your plush house and all your perks and privilages. What we give we can one day take away.

We are not suspects Sir Roger, so pass that on to Ed Balls an the pair of you can piss off.


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