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Police threaten woman for pulling up a dead flower.

Nice to see our council tax money going to good use folks: A mother-of-two was threatened with arrest for theft and criminal damage after weeding out a dead flower from a council-owned border.

Angie Summers, 43, was on her lunch break in a public square when she uprooted the withered canna lily.

She said the 18in high flower was dead and removed it because it was spoiling the look of the display.

Apparently some window twitching hoon reported her actions to the town council and Mrs Summers was stunned when a police officer later called at her home.

He threatened to 'put her in the cells' and warned that she could be prosecuted for theft and criminal damage - offences carrying a possible six-month prison term.

Wiltshire police eventually dropped the case and have since admitted that she acted with 'good intentions'.
Well that's mighty white of em' to be fair. Nice to see that they have caught all the criminals and have time to spare for such vital matters as dead flower crimes. Cunts.

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