The National Debt Clock.

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Prescott shows he is nothing more than a shaven chimp fit for serving pink gins on a cruise ship.

John Prescott meeting expectations, by showing himself up to be a large pie eating oaf with no brain:
"Gordon Brown is still the guy who turned this global economy round, everybody credits him with that, except here in the UK.

There are two fundamental issues we're facing, climate change and global finance. Both require global agreement, he's the best man in the field for the job."

These are global problems, you need global giants, not the pygmies I hear about," he said.
Er, you what lardy? Turned the global economy around how the fuck did he do that? By spending vast amounts of cash, encouraging banks to lend on a smoke an mirrors debt boom and giving us a national debt that is soaring at £6000+ a fucking second. We are paying back £30 billion a year lardboy, 30 sodding billion and rising in interest on our national debt, debt given to us by that snot eating wanker in No.10 Downing Street.

Best man for the job, oh do take a flying fuck out of the nearest window Prescott you utter twat. As for the pygmies, well almost everyone is a pygmie when stood against Prescott.

Besides if anyone thinks that I will take the word of a man who cheated on his wife for years, thus proving that he is dishonest in the most important of ways. If a man can not keep honesty with his good lady wife how can anyone else trust him? Who has a record of grabbing at female staff like some sex starved chimp(apologies to primates for the comparison) and living it large - in every sense of the word - at the taxpayers expense.

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