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Snot gobbler Gordon Brown gets an award.

A US foundation names Gordon Brown world statesman of the year, rather than calling him an utter contemptible shit of a man who signs deals with Libya.

Gordon Brown was today named World Statesman of the Year by a US foundation dedicated to promoting peace, human rights and understanding between religious faiths.

The award, from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, recognised the prime minister's role in leading the international community towards a solution to the global economic crisis.

Brown received the citation during his visit to Washington, DC, to meet Barack Obama.

The award – previously granted to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel – will be presented at a ceremony in New York in September.

One day, one fine day this utter vile bit of scum will get exactly what he deserves at the end of a rope I hope.

Alistair Campbell complains on his blog that Brown has received little coverage for being named “World Statesman of the Year” in New York last night. He bleats on about how its all jolly unfair and how Mrs Beckham was given lots of coverage at London Fashion Week.

Well Mrs Beckham for all her faults has not fucked the banking system, given us the largest ever debt, created a vast debt bubble based on a pipe dream of cheap credit, helped reduce confidence in our sinking currency, flogged off the gold reserves, driven over our age old rights to trial by jury and pushed the concept from innocent until proven guilty to one of having to prove ones innocence to unelected officials.

Oh and Brown is hated across the pond in the US of A and elsewhere abroad, seen as he is here as inept shifty coward happy to do deals with camel jockey terrorists in Libya.

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RantinRab said...

I wonder why the rest of the blogosphere haven't picked this up.