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Trevor Phillips - Full of it.

Oh come on Mr Phillips lets be having less of this now:
Britain is a 'culturally sexist' country that has failed to accept that women are equal to men, the chief of the Government's equality watchdog said yesterday.
Trevor Phillips spoke out as his organisation condemned the City for paying men bonuses that are five times higher than those paid to women.
Are we really expected to take lessons on sexism from the overpaid head of a quango who dumped his wife of 28 years for a young bit of totty 16 years his junior?(yes I know totty is a sexist term but according to Mr Phillips as a white male I am institutionally racist/sexist so what the hell.) A case of pot kettle black er non white.

The head of the Government’s equalities quango was under fresh pressure last night over a £300,000 contract awarded to a company run by a close friend.
Graft and sleaze, I thought that was the white mans disease? Nice to see he is picking up our evil ways.

Oh and his daft ideas that British history needs to be rewritten. He even claimed that it was mulims who helped us win against the Spanish Armada!?
"When we talk about the Armada it's only now that we are beginning to realise that part of it is Muslims," Mr Phillips told the meeting.

"It was the Turks who saved us, because they held up Armada at the request of Elizabeth I.

"Now let's rewrite that story, let's use our heritage to rewrite that story so it is truly inclusive.
Just one problem, what he claims is complete and utter horseshit. A quick check of historical facts, that's things actually happened for the revisionists like Mr Phillips will show that Ottoman naval power by the time of the Spanish armada was in decline. The sultan having lost all but 30 of its ships and as many as 30,000 men at the battle of Lepanto in 1571, and some Western historians have held it to be the most decisive naval battle anywhere on the globe since the battle of Actium in 31 BC. source(wikipedia battle of Lepanto- 1571)

The head of Britain's new equalities superwatchdog was forced to apologise today after making a tasteless joke about the Queen Mother.
Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), left an audience in stunned silence last night after making the joke about the Queen Mother's colostomy bag.
How racist of us to get offended. Talking of which we can not accuse him of racism but he can accuse anyone he wants, like say East Europeans.
Thousands of white immigrants from eastern Europe are deeply racist, the head of the race relations watchdog has warned.

Speaking about the tensions in British communities, Trevor Phillips said many arrivals from former Soviet countries displayed prejudice against black people.
So East Europeans are bad but quotas that discriminate against whites in the work place are perfectly acceptable according to Trevor.
The head of the new equality commission yesterday called for race quota laws that will allow employers to favour minorities.
Trevor Phillips demanded that 30-year-old rules, which forbid discrimination on grounds of race or sex, should be scrapped.
An overpaid whitey hating quangocrat, who sees everything as a sexist, racist anti black slur. Although possibly the most annoying thing about Phillips, other than his being an utter cock is his being paid vast amounts of cash from the taxpayers.

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Brew Wales said...

I remember Trevor Phillips giving a very long and boring speech at the Great British Beer Festival one year. Turns out he was once in the same commune as Herr Protz and as Phillips was attemting to stand for Mayor of London, he was allowed to use the beer festival as a platform for his crazy views. The voters told him where to go.
Sir Nicholas Winterton MP has also given a speech in the past - far better, far funnier and from someone who is a CAMRA member and a supporter of real ale, not just an old commie mate of Protz the Trosk.