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£5 a gallon by Christmas.

The cost of petrol in the UK has risen by 26% over the last year. Yep a whole 26% more or one quarter more than last year.

Petrol is expected to reach £1.10 a litre before Christmas, an astounding £5 a gallon. The blame is being laid on the increased cost of oil and the falling value of the pound (thank you Gordon).

You see the direct cause and effect there, if not I shall explain: the pound is worth less on the markets, due to our massive national debt, Gordon has the printing presses in Threadneedle Street running 24/7 printing cash to cover unlimited spending. 

So in just one year this is the result and as our debt keeps rising by £6000 a second this will only get worse, don't expect HM Govt to cap prices as they lack the money to do so; well unless they print some more in order to do so and I think that may cause further problems down the road.

Now I hear someone say, we have our own oil, well yes we do and have to sell it for money in order to settle our debts.

Oh and if you voted for Labour, then in part this is your own fault. 

2 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I have never lived in a low inflation economy never, never, never.

Fidothedog said...

An never will under McCyclops.