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Alan Johnson Home Sec. shows his colours.

Fist up we had this from Postman Prat before he was Home Sec.
A couple of years ago, the MP for Hull West and Hessle was very concerned about the possibility that an asylum seeker who had found refuge in his constituency might be sent back to his country which has a dangerous human rights record and where in the MP's own words it:

would be devastating for him, his family, indeed it could prove fatal... There are few cases where we need our system to work more than this one.

Now he is Home Sec. he flips, something MP's are very good at.
However last month, the Home Secretary returned the 35-year-old asylum seeker to that country. The one with the dangerous human rights record.

Oh did I mention that the Home Secretary is (and was last month) the MP for Hull West and Hessle, Alan Johnson?

That's right. In a move that exhibits a monumental level of hypocrisy, the very same asylum seeker who two years ago Mr Johnson was pleading to not be sent back was actually sent back by Mr Johnson himself.

Hat tip to Obo the clown for the above, who has shown what a weapons grade complete and utter vile piece of worthless shit Alan Johnson is yet again.

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