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Best placed to recover, the wisdom of comrade McCyclops.

BBC Pravda was spouting government shit, claiming that everything is well and saying that the "good news" is that things are getting worse more slowly than they were.

Not getting better, still getting worse but at a slower rate than before. Gordon's claims by any half decent broadcaster would be laughed at as the inane ramblings of a drug addled loon but not on the BBC.

Lets not forget that it was Gordon who repeated the lie that there was nothing wrong with the economy, who encouraged a housing boom with the mantra of "no more boom and bust".

Creating a fantasy boom based on the myth that house prices will rise ever upwards, great whilst they do but when they don't...

It was Gordon who ignored personal debt and lending soaring, based on a house price bubble after all in his words the economy was sound.

It was he who crowed loudly about high value of house prices and the "sound state of the UK housing market"

It was Gordon who when repeatedly warned about excessive bank lending and consumer debt(over many years) saw no problem looming on the horizon.

It was he who has poured billions into endless public sector jobs, jobs that create no wealth whilst draining the private sector.

It was he who failed to invest in manufacturing, to actually make the goods that people were spending their borrowed money on.

It was he who broke his own "golden rules" on borrowing and it is he who will one day be held to account for the mess this land is in.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to blog on this... but you've done a better job than I could have hoped to do... so well done! I enjoyed it. It's a pity that the BBC is a fully paid up branch of the Labour Party.

Here in Scotland you can almost see the presenters' lips curl when they mention the government of Scotland. They never refer to it as the government, always the SNP government.

That's why I won't buy a licence or have a tv. I hope the Tories sell them off and sack half of them.

(I might borrow your graph though at some point?)

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Golden rules!!! All the bamboozled loon has been doing for 12 years now is giving us all a great big golden shower whilst his mates have been laughing at the fun to be had and joining in!!! Pay back time can't arrive quickly enough.