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David Wilshire another grafting, sleazy MP.(post 4)

I knew it would be just a matter of time till this greedy grasping fucker made the news again.

OUTGOING Spelthorne MP David Wilshire dodged questions about his expenses scandal as he opened newly refurbished single-sex facilities at Ashford Hospital on Monday.
The MP would not answer questions about the scandal on Monday, but did jokingly refer to parliamentary perks during his hospital visit.
“This is only the third plaque that I have unveiled, and if anyone can tell me where the other two were I might discover another bottle of House of Commons champagne and give it to you,” he said.
Yes, that's right after stealing our money make a joke about it. Just fuck off Wiltshire, seriously you serve no useful role in the House of Commons.

first mentioned this arsehole here and then mentioned him again when he bleated about poorly paid his over paid self was rewarded. Then the daft twat decided that the treatment given to self serving scum like his self in the Commons was the same as that given by the Nazi's to the Jews.

Just a matter of time before he digs another hole....No doubt he claimed the shovel on expenses.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I've covered his progress through various thieving episodes and his rather less than human beliefs.

The wonder is that anyone would want scum like that besmirching the good name of the facility he opened.

There is no accounting for taste is there?

Fidothedog said...

Thankfully The Commons will be free of him after the election, I can see him being a pariah in his home town.