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Did they not think to re-check the numbers? No guess not.

Story from some local arse rag paper....For two days North Tyneside couple James Bramwell and Claire Stidolph believed they had scooped one of the £45m winning tickets on the Euromillions lottery...

...James planned to buy a yacht and a house next door to Alan Shearer. Both planned to move all their loved-ones into homes in Ponteland’s exclusive Darras Hall estate....

...But their dreams were cruelly crushed when the couple discovered their Lotto by text message was utterly worthless...

Wait for it the best bit is coming up:
....It means James, 46, must now pay back a £1,000 loan he took out and spent on the misunderstanding he was an overnight millionaire....

Snigger. Chortle, an naturally its all someone else's fault.
“This company need to make the text messages they send out more clear. This has been one of the nastiest mix-ups ever.”

The confusion began when James received a text message on Friday containing the winning numbers from the previous week’s Euromillions, on Friday, October 30. Believing these to be the figures selected for him by the syndicate he subscribes to, called ‘Ringtune Club’, James thought he had scooped the jackpot.

Ha ha.
But yesterday the pair discovered the text message had just been an update on the previous week’s result and they had won nothing. They now claim more explanation in the message would have prevented them from drawing the false conclusion.

They could have double checked themselves, but far easier to blame someone else. I bet Alan Shearer and the residents of Darras Hall are breathing a sigh of relief tonight.......

Found this tale over at Angry people in local newspapers. See also Unenlightened who has a bit on this pair of rocket scientists.

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