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EU accounts not signed off for 15 years.

The Eu really is the elephant in the room. Yet again the accounts have not been signed off, as the bean counters realise that they make Enron and other large corrupt organisations look like a charity.

This makes 15 years in a row the EU's own accountants have reckoned there was too many holes in the books to allow them to sign and clear the the accounts.

Lots of people want us to be in Europe, yet no one in the yes camp is willing to take a knife to the endemic corruption, the sleaze, graft and organised waste in the EU.

Were it just not so corrupt it would not be so bad, as it is it reminds me of a modern organised crime outfit without the decent bookkeepers.

Yet the yes camp keep on coming up with every more bizarre arguments as to why the EU is a good thing, when any private company that had not had its accounts signed off for that long would long since have been dealt with by the courts.

Even the Mafia employ book keepers and can create a set of good looking books, yet the EU fails.

Britain is the EU country that receives the least back from the budget per head, maybe we need to bribe the correct people in the EU to ensure we get more back?

Still its not all waste, Wolfgang Porsche the supervisory board chairman of Porsche, received £2,250 in EU rural development funds for a small estate in Bavaria where he goes hunting in his free time. Money well spent I am sure.

Mind you, you won't be seeing much on EU corruption or the accounts not being signed off, at least not on the BBC, as back in 2008 it was reported by The Times that the BBC had received loans from the EU totalling £141 million quid.

Looking forward to year 16 and seeing the accounts being signed off, maybe they will hire a modern day Louis Shumway who will rat out the whole rotten organisation.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Over the years I have asked various legal and accountancy professionals what would happen to the directors of a private company whose accounts were not signed off for two or more years.
They always say that their shareholders would kick them out, the bank would close them down and they would end up being debarred from future directorships and, possibly have a crominal record.
Yet very few of those professionals were aware of this ongoing travesty within the EU.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah the EU needs to be reformed totally.