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Garry McKinnon to be deported.

So the Home Sec. has rejected Gary McKinnon's last ditch appeal against U.S. extradition despite a doctor's warning he'll kill himself.

Now he is accused of hacking into US computers, according to various reports he hacked into 97 NASA and Pentagon computers between 2001 and 2002 looking for evidence of the existence of 'little green men'.

Yet the Home Sec. seems to think that some form of justice will be served by sending this chap off to the US, where no doubt a long prison term and very miserable time will await this rather vulnerable chap.

So other than having a look for evidence of aliens, what real crime has he committed? Did he seek any financial gain, seek to destroy our civilization like moslem barbarians or pose any real threat to anyone? Hardly, other than the ego of the assorted agencies who's networks he broke into and of course that of the New Labour jobsworths who for some unknown reason want him gone at double quick speed.

The Home Sec. who laughingly is supposed to be in his post to protect the interest of the UK, concluded that extraditing Gary would not be a breach of the Human Rights Act, an act which has protected a string of terrorists from deportation.

So bomb plotting terrorists can stay, UFO spotters have to go. Glad we have that one cleared up.

Still this is Alan Johnson a chap who evidently can not be bothered to reply to e-mails asking him a question. Oh an still awaiting a reply Alan.

Still this is Alan Johnson, a man who can act one way before he is Home Sec. and another after taking up his post and 30 pieces of silver.

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