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Gordon Brown: Cause and effect. The snotty hand of Gordon wrecks Dubai.

The Cause:
Jonah Brown met Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai on Monday in Downing Street.
The effect:
On Wednesday Dubai announced it could no longer service billions in debts, raising fears of a sovereign default, triggering global stock markets to tumble this week amid fears of the dreaded double dip.
The one eye'd doom monger claimed today that the Dubai financial crisis would not cause major damage to the global economy.

The prime minister said this morning that Dubai's problems were "a setback", during a summit meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Trinidad and Tobago. "My own view is the world financial system is stronger now and able to deal with the problems that arise," said Brown as onlookers sniggered, laughed and called the UK's unelected leader a gormless hoon.

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**I understand that criminals still get their heads chopped off in Dubai, I wonder if they could do us a favour re a certain one eye'd PM?....

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