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Gordon misses the point on immigration.

BBC Pravda faithfully reported by the BBC that
"Gordon Brown has promised to "tighten" the UK's immigration rules by reducing the number of professions which can recruit from outside Europe."
An he misses the problem by a mile. Look highly skilled folk we need, we have always needed them be that a computer chap from India, a doctor from Pakistan or whatever. If they have the skills to come here, pay all our taxes and contribute to this land then all well and good.

The problem is with those who come over claiming to study and do not, or who hang on the side of Eurostar and when here seem to land a job working for The Home Office as security staff or maybe even Baroness Scotland.

Until the feeder table of housing, benefits and perks are turned off that supplies these people with a better lifestyle than they have back home, then the camps in France will remain full.

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Corrugated Soundbite said...

The Bogie Monster says it's not way-cist to "debate migration".

Very good Gordon. Tomorrow we'll do colours, or perhaps even shapes or days of the week.

Fidothedog said...

When he has finished licking windows.