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New Labour waste yet more money, on tanks unfit for service.

Just when you think government waste can not get worse they prove you wrong:
The Ministry of Defence has been criticised for spending £149 million on an “urgent” upgrade to 900 tanks that can still only be used for training.
The armoured vehicles will be used in Canada and Britain because they offer insufficient protection against mines in Afghanistan.
A defence source described the procurement, at a time when equipment shortages for troops have caused public anger, as a waste of money. “We certainly don’t need 900 of these things for training. It seems crazy to do this upgrade work on vehicles that are more than 40 years old and then put them into storage, which is what will happen to most of them,” he said.
Commanders in Afghanistan have frequently criticised the shortage of suitable armoured vehicles in the country, where 98 British soldiers have been killed this year alone.
Still no doubt Defence Sec. Bob "the knob" Ainsworth will have a fitting excuse. New Labour helping through their ineptitude the Taliban kill UK troops.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

The govt will be hoping that 900 training tanks will come in handy when the balloon goes up here in UK.

Fidothedog said...

Very true, I am sure the army will be using them to run over MP's,