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Archbishop Rowan on how you need to pay more taxes.

Oh bloody hell he is off again. The bearded loon and eco warrior who in his spare time is also the Archbishop of Canterbury has decided that taxes are in fact a jolly nice way of improving the planet.
Dr Rowan Williams said that taxation should not be seen as a way of stifling business or redistributing wealth but helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

He called for new levies to be introduced on financial transactions and carbon emissions, and an end to the idea that unlimited economic growth is desirable.
Look, Rowan let me explain it this way. The ruling elite who make up our political class love useful idiots like you. They themselves exempt themselves from paying the taxes they impose on us.

Think I am joking well have a look at your MP's expenses, odd's on that grasping fucker has claimed back his electric, gas, ground rent, TV license, telephone, broadband, SKY Sports and every other damn thing they can think of.

As I have said and will keep on saying it, they pay less tax in real terms than workers on £200 a week. But enough of that, back to your comments on taxes.

When you impose a tax, they are a way of stifling business, it is a cost that is more often than not imposed the heaviest on the poorest in society. The ones with the least amount of cash, get hit the hardest when the price of goods/services increase.

Quite simply the more tax that a government has, the more opportunity for waste it has. Just look at the last 12 years as an example of that. We are taxed more, are we better off? Not really. Rowan should just take time out to speak to the multitudes outside the Job centres desperate for a job after his beloved Gordon has cunted our economy.

Maybe Rowan should focus his gaze on the many financial failings of the Church of England, which I have in the past jokingly referred to as the British Leyland of religions, both for its lack of ability in decision making and shared inability to balance the books.

No more taxation without representation.

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yeah I'll bet the druid sees new chances for revenue coming down the pike.

Fidothedog said...

In a word he is a cunt.

Ride Fast said...

Everything you post shows up as a link at my site. Please make it stop, unless your doing it on purpose, then please tell me why?