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Police State UK: New Labour's socialist policing.

Following on from this case of a photographer being arrested for the crime of being to tall! It turns out that possession of offensive hight, or was it being tall in a built up area are not actually crimes for which one can be arrested....Yet.

The Register have the news that the police acted in an unlawful manner.
Alex Turner was stopped whilst taking snaps in Chatham High St and approached by two men, who refused to identify themselves, but demanded that he show them some ID. When he refused, they called for back-up. A PCSO and WPC arrived: Turner took a photo of the pair, and was promptly arrested.

He was then handcuffed, held in a police van for 20 minutes, searched in public by plain clothes officers before being released. It remains unclear, both from from his own account and from subsequent police explanations, exactly why he was arrested – although he did note at the time that the WPC stated she had felt threatened by his size - 5' 11" and about 12 stone - and implied that she found it intimidating.

Mr Turner complained: a police internal investigation was carried out; and this week, the Investigating Officer (IO) finally got back to him with the very welcome news that, according to their barrister, his arrest was unlawful.

This would therefore render both the subsequent search unlawful as well as Mr Turner’s detention in a police van.

Time for Mr Turner's legal team to sue the fuckers till their eyes pop.

If approached by the police in the UK, issue them with no information what so ever and seek legal advise as soon as possible. They will arrest you for no better reason than harvesting your DNA. One day, this nightmare like all dystopia societies will collapse, hopefully with lots of MP's, council snoops and assorted quislings hanging from lampposts.

3 people have spoken:

Jack Maturin said...

In your siderbar comment on Gordonomics, you write things like "Thanks to Gordonomics we all owe £13,678 and rising".

But I don't 'owe' £13,678 to anybody. Yes, if I stay in the UK and the British government remains in control, it will try to touch me up and force me to hand over £13,678 to pay of ITS debts. But I do not owe anyone this money.

It was borrowed by someone else, and spent by someone else, and I had absolutely no say over any of this. Indeed, if I had been given a say, I would have said "Cut a civil servant's salary by 13,768 or even better, just sack them. So I really do feel this debt has nothing to do with me (except of course the British government Mafia have guns and I don't).

But I still repudiate this debt. It is nothing to do with me.

Yes, if I want to avoid being frog-marched to a gaol, and if I stay here, and if the British government remains in control, and if it decides not to default on ITS debt, and decides to touch me up for the amount IT owes, then this money will probably be dragged out of me, in the same way that the Mafia drag protection money out of their victims.

But I do not OWE this money.

Obviously, there's an even easier way than refusing to pay up the protection racket with menaces, rather than rotting in a jail cell.

And that's just to leave the country and leave all the socialist beggars behind.

That's what more and more are going to do, as the latest ex-pat emigration figures reveal, with masses of tax PAYERS leaving, and lots of hand-out tax EATERS arriving.

It's time to leave. We should all be making plans to do so. And then when there's nobody left to be menaced to pay off this debt, and the British government is forced to default, and then loses its ability to borrow, and therefore has to sack millions of useless civil servants, then - and only then - might it be worth coming back again.

Though by then the country will be such a basket case it may simply not be worth it.

Yes, Gordon Brown. The man who destroyed Britain.

Fidothedog said...

Jack I don't owe it either, I did not borrow beyond my means unlike the banks, jump on the no more boom an bust housing gravy train only to find that boom an bust had not gone away.

But this government wasted it, diversity czars, PCSO's, snoopers, a bloated public sector and endless waste.

banned said...

Crikey, I'm over 6' tall so had better watch my step when engaging with plod, wouldn't want to intimidate him or her would I ?