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Quite what does former postman and now Home Sec. Alan Johnson do all day?

Some time back I emailed Alan Johnson and commented on the 14th of this month that I had e-mailed the Home Sec. a day or so before with regards the case of Paul Clarke who was arrested for handing in a gun to the police.

Now yes I know that whilst the case is ongoing the Home Sec. can not make a comment on that but he - or one of the many staff working for him - could at least take the time to acknowledge a mail without going into case details.

So from the 14th (I also mentioned on the 17th that Postman Prat was taking his time in replying) to today the 24th not a thing, I just hope his deliveries of (snail)mail were not as slow when he was a postman; then again that might explain his move into politics.

My mail to Postman Prat.  The first post on Paul Clarke.

Alan Johnson, showing he is becoming just as crap at his job as the last holder of the office of Home Sec. one Jacqui Smith. Oh Postman Prat can be contacted johnsona@parliament.uk

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