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Tony Blair lied over Iraq war...bear shits in wood and Pope discovered to be Catholic.

This is of no real surprise as lying by Labour politicians is as natural as breathing.
An explosive secret letter that exposes how Tony Blair lied over the legality of the Iraq War can be revealed.
The Chilcot Inquiry into the war will interrogate the former Prime Minister over the devastating 'smoking gun' memo, which warned him in the starkest terms the war was illegal.
The Mail on Sunday can disclose that Attorney General Lord Goldsmith wrote the letter to Mr Blair in July 2002 - a full eight months before the war - telling him that deposing Saddam Hussein was a blatant breach of international law.
It was intended to make Mr Blair call off the invasion, but he ignored it. Instead, a panicking Mr Blair issued instructions to gag Lord Goldsmith, banned him from attending Cabinet meetings and ordered a cover-up to stop the public finding out.
He even concealed the bombshell information from his own Cabinet, fearing it would spark an anti-war revolt. The only people he told were a handful of cronies who were sworn to secrecy.
Lord Goldsmith was so furious at his treatment he threatened to resign - and lost three stone as Mr Blair and his cronies bullied him into backing down.

Right up there with their other lies promising us a vote on Europe, their secret plan exposed by Andrew Neather where Labour had a policy of flooding the UK to enforce a multicultural nation; although they never consulted the people on that,

So countless billions wasted and who knows how many dead, just so Blair could play action man in the Middle East.

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