The National Debt Clock.

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We caused the mess, you will pay for it.

Says Chancellor Darling:
Families face being hit by Labour plans to freeze a planned rise in the inheritance tax threshold.

Alistair Darling is said to be considering ditching the policy of lifting people out of the inheritance tax net.
The Chancellor wants to use next week's pre-budget report to paint a grim picture of severe spending cutbacks over the next four years.
He is said to be determined to leave voters in no doubt about the 'tough choices' that need to be taken to meet a target of halving the soaring public deficit.
We shall pull the gold teeth out from your dead grandmother as well added Darling. A spokesperson added laughing "We don't pay the OAP's enough to live on, after all they are not inept bankers. When they die from hypothermia after getting into fuel poverty we have a win win situation."

"Not only do we not have to pay them a small pension any more but we get to sent the grieving relatives a stonking great tax bill."

**UK's national debt is soaring up at £6000 a second under Labour scum.

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