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Welcome to Britainistan: Somali barbarians on benefits.

Thanks Gordon, whilst thousands lose their jobs and struggle to pay ever rising utility bills the fag end government of Brown opens to the door to endless savages:
Roll up for the great UK taxpayer rip off, sneak into Britain, claim asylum and get it all off the hard working taxpayers...

A family of former asylum seekers have been housed in a £1.8million home costing the taxpayer £1,600 every week, it was revealed today.

Nasra Warsame, from Somalia, her seven children and her mother moved into the luxury six-bed property in central London last month.

The five-storey house has three sitting rooms, a flat-screen television, four bathrooms and is within walking distance of the West End.

Meanwhile, her husband Bashir Aden and their eighth child are living in a two-bed flat in Camden which is also funded by housing benefit.

Fucking hell, when not carrying out sodding jihad against the infidels, hijacking ships and otherwise engaging in acts of crime the Somali's come over here and the sodding lot laid out for them.

I remember a few years back when my wife was laid off, as I was working(something Somali's judging by this lazy lot avoid) I was informed that as she had missed paying some stamp a few years back she was not entitled to a penny and we could fuck the fuck off with regards getting any help what so ever as my wage was about two shillings and sixpence above the limits.

How much have this lot paid into the pot? A pot that they are happy to stick their grasping Islamic paws into for ever more of our tax money.

shall leave you with the words of one Keith Best, former Tory MP and now head of the Immigration Advisory Council, a state funded quango designed to flood the UK with folk like these:

"we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport" - There you go, being able to seize ships in international waters and strip an AK47 down whilst wearing a blindfold make them better citizens than you.

Do we really want to reward people like this?

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

What does Keith Best mean? This place is becoming a joke. Our roads were closed last Friday for Eid and police provided guard outside the mosque. They put up traffic cones and notices saying we should be all respectful and not park in the area. No one was outside the mosque, it was all for show. We've had processions outside church for Palm Sunday and not a single office has come to help direct traffic even though the church is so busy many have to stand outside. When did we vote for an Islamic state?

Fidothedog said...

Ken is funded by the state, an ex Tory MP and jailbird who did time for share dealing.

He now spends all day going on about how we need more Somali gangs who can strip an AK47 in the dark.

banned said...

By what right to Somalis get to come here anyway ? They can't even claim to have been suppressed by the Empire ? Cunts.