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Darwinism in action in South Wales.

Human gene pool inproves....Two quad bikers who were killed riding along the main railway line between Cardiff and London are believed to have been escaping after a ram raid on a sports store.

The men died of multiple injuries after being hit by a train at Rumney, near Cardiff. Two other men on another quad bike were also hit by the train but escaped uninjured and ran off.

Minutes earlier, closed-circuit television cameras at an outdoor pursuits centre in Cardiff had filmed four men using the powerful bikes to batter down the doors. The raiders got away with 200 ski and sports jackets worth £40,000, which were found stashed nearby.

The dead men were named, unofficially, as Trevor Davies, 20, and David Cooper, 24, who both lived near the GO Outdoors shop in Roath, just outside Cardiff. The line on which they died is normally deserted at 4am, the time of the accident, but the unscheduled train, which was travelling at 70mph, was on its way for a service.

The sound of the quad bike engines is believed to have drowned out the noise of the train’s approach at Rumney, half a mile from the store. The train driver saw the quad bikes too late to stop. One machine was crushed by his engine and the other pushed off the track. Both men were found dead at the scene.

6 people have spoken:

banned said...

Excellent news, except for the two that escaped.
Can we expect BR to get sued for not displaying a notice saying that it is dangerous to ride quad bikes on railway lines ?

Catosays said...

How very sad......I'm just broken up for these toerags....much like they are I expect.

Laban said...

The jackets would have been just right for the new season, wouldn't they ?

Fidothedog said...

My thoughts are with the train driver an the poor folk who had to scrape up these evolutionary losers off of the track.

Teresa said...

How sad it is what lengths crooks will go to in order to steal quad bikes. I guess the price of death was worth the Quad. I do feel sorry for the train driver since it wasn't his fault the thieves ran in front of the train.

James Dowden said...

Their geography's a bit dodgy. Roath hasn't been "just outside" Cardiff for a very very long time. Haven't they heard of Google Maps?