The National Debt Clock.

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Gordonomics hits us all.

here we go, get the lube ready as we are going to be fiscally ass-raped....

  • Bankers' bonuses hit by new 50% supertax
  • Thousands more to be hit by 50p tax rate
  • National Insurance up 0.5% for salaries over £20,000
  • Basic state pension and child benefit to rise
  • Rise in corporation tax for small businesses axed
  • Tax breaks for wind turbines and electric cars
  • Worst recession in 50 years as economy shrinks 4.75%
  • Net public debt to hit 78% by 2014
Even their guesses are well off the mark as new official figures showed Britain's goods trade deficit with the rest of the world has widened unexpectedly.
The gap grew to £7.1billion in October, up from £6.9billion on the previous month.
Experts had predicted a £6.85billion deficit.

Public borrowing will hit a record £178billion this year - up from his earlier prediction of £175billion.
Meanwhile the debt keeps on soaring ever upwards at over £6000 pounds a second....
GORDON caused it, you pay for it.

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