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Its quango time: UK Council for Child Internet Safety

Yep, HM Govt has decided that parental responsibility is not up to the task and so it needs to step in to save the little ones from paedophiles, bullies, porn merchants(mind need a word with Mr Jacqui Smith about that one) and assorted Nigerian ID robbers.

Joy, yet another  www.fakecharities.org is needed and provide more non jobs, with paperclips to shuffle about their shiny new desks. So expect more regulation, costs and calls for even more of our cash.

Little wonder the national debt is rising at over £6000 quid a second.

1 people have spoken:

banned said...

Yup, every underager will have to have his/her internet use closely watched by Nanny State even though a report I read recently asserts that All men access porn, most do so by the age of 10 and that most of them turn out quite normal. Waste of space but jubs for the Appropriatte Stazzi.