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Manor Community College in Cambridge to check everyone.

Ye Gods, when will this utter paranoia and irrational fear of strangers ever end? The Daily Mail are reporting that Manor Community College in Cambridge is to ban any visitor who has not been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

Now never mind the fact that one of the biggest paedophile stories involved a woman who worked with kids and had been CRB checked.

Big Brother Watch points out: The Head of the Secondary School claims the decision is necessary to prevent strangers walking around the premises. But also admits that 'volunteers, visitors and contractors' will be hit with the ban.
So, unless Manor Community College is unique in that there are a slew of strangers wanting to check out Year 5's latest art project, what this measure will actually achieve is reducing the number of volunteers able to donate their time and energy to help out stressed teachers at sports days or similar events.

So there you go, a public building, paid for by public taxes but you can not go in unless you have been checked to see if your a danger to the wee little ones. Utter madness.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

That picture ( Mail ) looks familiar, isn't that same school get in the news for robbing a disabled child of her 'free' taxi to school because she lived a few yards too close ?
Back on topic. would like to know how the school intend to police this. I have an enhanced CRB check but it only applies to the organisation that 'sponsored' me. It would be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for me to show it to an outside party, ie the staff at that school.
They already have the right to challenge unauthorised visitorsand one would hope that authorised visitors where in any case acompanied when on the premises.

Fidothedog said...

It is going to be unworkable, some workman turns up to fix something an gets told to fuck off until he has been CRB checked.

Most schools are loaded with equipment and it all needs to be maintained and fixed when it breaks down.

I worked in a collage for a while an one regular visitor was the photocopier repair chaps who were always turning up to fix machines.

Best of luck in enforcing that rule.