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New Labour slavery the way forward says David Lammy.

Another shit idea from the fag end government that has run out of ideas. BBC Pravda dutifully reports the latest idea from its paymasters in New Labour:
Higher education minister David Lammy has backed calls for a national army of volunteers to help the UK economy out of recession.
The idea comes from a report which also calls for students to do 100 hours of "compulsory civic service".
Ah, now here we see the confusion between volunteers and compulsory. You see if someone is compelled to do something then it can in no meaning of the word be called voluntary. Quite an easy concept to grasp unless your the not very bright Lammy.

So how will all this be paid for, well Lammy has the answer, he is going to cripple students with interest on their loans:
The £450m cost of the scheme would be funded by levying interest on student loans.
So lets see if I have this right: first off the students have to work for nothing in a compulsory volunteer way, then they get charged interest on their student loans driving them into further poverty and at the same time helping the funding of their enslavement to the New Labour state.

That's a new one even for Labour charging the costs of slavery to the enslaved. 

Forget the talk of inclusiveness and social bonding, what he means is the state needs slave labour as they have pissed all the money up against the wall.

Now as he also states that employers would have to allow their staff to take a week off a year to take part in the service. So how exactly is that going to help companies and the nation come out of recession, a recession caused by Lammy's own party?

Tell you what Lammy, why not compulsory volunteer yourself and the other 646 overpaid arsewipes in the House of Commons. Believe you me I would enjoy seeing you and the other expenses thieves in a huge fucking chain gang breaking rocks in the rain all day long.

After all why not put yourself forward Dave, after all everyone is equal under the socialist banner right, or are some more equal than others?

Although thinking about it, forcing people into unpaid make work for the state is going to really piss them off, they will hate and resent a government that tells them they have to volunteer their time for bugger all, punishes them should they refuse (and you know with this shower that will happen) in order to resolve problems caused by the very government enslaving them. You can bet your arse that not a one of them will ever fucking vote Labour.

That should help the revolution along wonderfully, forget the chain gang the way its going every politician will be swinging in the breeze from lamp posts.

Still this is Lammy the dumb ass race card playing MP, who also showed he is not very bright on Master Mind.

Lastly lets not forget that this came from the same pea brained PM who proposed gulags for single mothers. Guess his pills must have wore off at that point. A man supported by illiberal scum who call for licenses to allow us to have a drink and who's supporters think smoking should be banned.

**As can be seen from the comments a windowlicking Labour cocksucker has arrived and posting anon the cowards always do, so I have put on comment moderation removing anon commenting from retarded David Lammy cock suckers; in order to encourage the cunt to fuck off to Liebourlist with the other mongs where it belongs.

12 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

They wish to start at seven!

Anonymous said...

You're clearly a stupid prick then aren't you?

He didn't write the report, he's backed it for years, and he doesn't support students paying for it.

If you didn't spent your time writing shit that no one else read, and spent some time digging for the truth instead of lying, you might get some people reading your horse shit.

Fidothedog said...

Anon, clearly a daft cunt and coward to boot commenting anon, I can but assume that you are a typical Labour scum voter.

I am fully aware he backed it and it was put forward by a policy group and at no point did I state that he wrote it.

Still maybe one day anon you will work that out, when you get up off your knees from blowing David Lammy's cock.

Toodle pip ol chap.

Anonymous said...

A coward... says Fido the fucking Dog?

What do you mean by this then?

"So how will all this be paid for, well Lammy has the answer, he is going to cripple students with interest on their loans:
The £450m cost of the scheme would be funded by levying interest on student loans."

You lying Tory scum.

I'll love to see your gormless face when Cameron & Co will be just like "NuLab" when they get in power. In fact, they're supporting a similar scheme! Great!

Have you thought what witty little one-liner to call them then?

ZaNuCon? David Con-eron?

I'd keep helping you, but I'm too busy "blowing David Lammy's cock".

I'll let you know when he comes!

Anonymous said...

This would be just the start of it. Once it's on the statute books, it will be ratcheted.

It would be a means of control and brainwashing.

The Conservatives are planning something similar - just with different spin.

Don't vote for Lib/Lab/Con.

Fidothedog said...

Anon, charging interest on loans will hit students an hit them hard. If you can't see that then it just shows your blinded to party over the class struggle.

New Labour hitting the poorest in our society since 1997, oh and I ain't a Tory ya daft cunt.

Barking Spider said...

Ah, yes, David "Mastermind" Lammy, thicker than pigshit - he's even thicker than that Anonymous cuntwad! And Lammy's the higher education minister, too, what a fucking joke, if it wasn't such a travesty!

If Lammy had more brain cells, they could actually raise his mental ability to "moron"!

banned said...

That started to look like a script from Yes Mininster. Just the sort of thing Sir Humphrey would get hapless Hacker to announce.

The other side to the coin is that much of the compulsory voluntary work would be with vulnerable sectors of society, kiddies, mental people and the elderly. The sponsors of the work would be obliged to sign up the students to the notorious CRB and the still emerging Independent Safeguarding Authority thus rapidly ensnaring generatiopns of students onto their databases.

Fidothedog said...

Banned, spot on. Register the lot of them, then charge them interest on their student loans, then ID card the lot of them.

Slaves of New Labour.

Fidothedog said...

re the coward anon, get an internet profile show the world who the fuck you are. Still like all socialist commie cunts your a coward deep down deserving of nothing more than a hemp noose.

Anonymous said...

This sounds earily family to what Obamasiah is talking about over there! Lammy would not be trying to ape his idol would he??

Fidothedog said...

Could be anon, could be,