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Paul Flynn - The Book.

Blogger Iain Dale, has mentioned on Twitter that he has a book on Mr Flynn in the works, an autobiography of his life.

I do hope that Iain covers this in depth, covers his talking about own humble beginnings and poverty whilst now claiming the homeless problem in Newport is exaggerated and I quote his words "a sob in"

A man who has joked about how easy farmers have it, mocked farming suicides and has shown total contempt for the countryside that keeps us all fed.

Moreover I hope that he mentions how when Lloyds Tsb laid off staff and he was approached in 2004/2005, he was strangely never available, always out to lunch and otherwise harder to find/contact than the Scarlet Pimpernel.

So hundreds of staff lost their jobs and yet shortly after when they needed a bit of free PR Paul Flynn came a running as fast as his aged legs would carry him.

Indeed time after time, Mr Flynn has said one thing and done quite another.

He is an expenses claiming, sued and claimed his expenses back champagne socialist of the old school; an for all his socialist claims nothing more than an imperialist running dog of the corporate banks.

I look forward to Iain's book on Mr Flynn, I won't be buying it but will get a copy from the homeless charity shops a few days after its gone on sale, from the very people that Mr Flynn claims are taking part in the "sob in". After all I at least will do my bit to help the homeless.

A version of this is also on the Facebook page about Mr Flynn

Newport deserves so much better than Paul Flynn MP.,

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