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The Rt Hon Barry Sheerman MP & expenses crook.

Awww poor wee Barry who claimed that MP's were not crooks:
“You are making me very angry because you haven’t said one good thing about parliamentarians, the hard work we put in!”
“Come on! Please! Say something good about our colleagues.”
Oh it breaks my heart, well no, especially as Barry has been helping himself to our money, used to pay his utility bills, free food or rather food paid for by us via the food allowance, council tax all paid for by YOU.

Oh Barry also helps himself to mortgage interest and regular service charges(not sure if that is MP talk for employing a rentboy or Thai ladyboy on expenses)

The only hard work, I can see is that of MP's like Barry helping themselves to our cash...
Thieving lying duplicitous Rt Hon. cunts, welcome to Troughligate 2.

2 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

You remember the bit in the gangster movies when Jimmy Cagney stands there in the shadows with a Tommy gun and does some rat cleaning? Hand me a Tommy gun.

Fidothedog said...

No, hang them, slower and more fun :-)