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Rt Hon. Bridget Prentice MP - "Ban pink things".

And you probably thought that The Modern Parents in Viz were a parody of the liberal elite, yet Labour MP Bridget Prentice wants to impose some psychobabble arsewater on society with regards toys for girls.
Bridget Prentice, the Justice Minister, said that she was supporting the campaign because she was concerned that shops were creating Christmas gifts which were aimed particularly at either girls or boys.
She went on: “It’s about not funnelling girls into pretty, pretty jobs, but giving them aspirations and challenging them to fulfil their potential.
“We want to say to organisations like the Early Learning Centre that we rely on them to be progressive about encouraging girls to think of themselves as equal, and not to reinforce the old stereotypes.”
Well there you go, Bridget seems to find lots of time for "new age" stuff like this, yet was mysteriously absent on the vote to allow Gurkha's the right to settle in the UK. The sort of important vote that we expect MP's to earn their crust by well, actually voting on.

Still no doubt their was a polar bear in danger, or some pink toy needed banning. Besides she can claim the crust back on the £400 a month food allowance, which explains why so many female MP's have fat saggy arses.

She was found guilty of misusing Paramilitary funds: Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon has found Labour MP and Justice Minister Bridget Prentice guilty of misusing Parliamentary funds, when she delivered parliamentary newsletters to areas of Lewisham that aren't currently in her constituency but will be after the next election.

Although nothing to do with the above, this champaigne socialist also voted to keep the 24K second home allowance for MP's.
She also voted for 42 days detention of anyone who looks a tad dubious: link
She cleared a nice £114,997 in expenses for the year 2006/07 on top of her wage as an MP!
She also voted to protect MP's from freedom of information requests.
Oh and thinks that we should all be treated like beef cattle and have ID cards.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

The leaders of 'the campaign' ( Pinkstinks ) Abi and her twin sister came on the car radio this afternoon, luckily I was just near my destination.
Hopefully retailers will stick to their commercial interests ( girls like pink fluffy things so lets sell them ) and ignore this cockwaffle.

Fidothedog said...

As far as I can see it's more a case of pseudo wankspeak from adults, the kids don't care what colour their toys/clothes are.

Most of them just want the same stuff as their friends.

Still it keeps a dumb Labour MP occupied and away from important stuff that might strain her socialist brain.