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British Transport Police armed with Tasers.

The Standard tells us that British Transport Police officers armed with electric stun guns have been deployed on the rail network for the first time. BTP has announced that three-month "pilot schemes" have been launched by officers patrolling the rail network in London, Cardiff and Manchester.

This is bad news. Tasers are dangerous weapons. People are hurt by them and some in some cases those that have been hit have died.

For many years, the police have kept order in this country by dint of their authority, not superior firepower.
We must avoid an arms race between the police and criminals in this country.
With more and more police in Britain carrying guns at airports and elsewhere, this may just be the next step in arming our police by stealth.

So in the wrong place, looking like a suspect and holding up a camera on a station platform, well you are obviously a terrorist an so asking for it. 

The taser wielding monkey over reacts if you dare complain at his getting in your face an you end up shocked and twitching on the ground as some poorly trained monkey in a uniform sticks fuck knows how many volts in you. 

New Labour "democracy in action" folks...Move along nothing to see here. Hat tip Big Brother Watch

4 people have spoken:

elec engineer said...

i believe this article has the whole idea wrong. i believe that this piolt schemes are excellent. i do believe that these schemes should have training built into it for the officers which it will do. and if you have an issue or believe training should be longer or harder why not contact the watchdog with you concerns. also i believe that this should be enforced and if the shock one violent or harmful person for every 100 people that are not doing anything wrong so be it. they should not have to worry about these things and let them do there job. you would sharp complain if they didnt do it.!

Fidothedog said...

Elec, the spread of arms and this is exactly what tasers are is not a good idea.

The Transport Police managed perfectly well without them before and I see no reason that they should be given extra tools that can endanger the public.

We see enough examples of mistakes with guns in the hands of the police as it is, do we really need to add to that?

banned said...

When the Police wanted to be fluffy and public friendly they themselves argued that arming their officers would indeed lead to an Arms Race with the bad people.
Now they just want to boss us around they are increasingly armed.

Anonymous said...

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