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Cadburys end of an era. Curse of Jonah Brown hits.

Kraft can fuck themselves if they think I will ever be buying their products.

Pm McSnotty has time out from exploring his nose pickings to comment on Cadbury's, which means that things will be going wrong.
Mr Brown this morning said that his Government would act to ensure Cadbury's 6,000 UK employees were not sacrificed as Kraft seeks a return on its investment.
He said: "We are determined that the levels of investment that take place in Cadbury in the United Kingdom are maintained and we are determined that, at a time when people are worried about their jobs, that jobs in Cadbury can be secure."
The curse of McCyclops has already started:

Job losses are an "inevitability" at Cadbury after its takeover by US giant Kraft Foods, the UK firm's chairman has confirmed to the BBC.

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

Also kraft have funded the takeover via a loan from the British Government owned RBS. Yet at pmqs Mad Dr Brown did not see anything wrong with that. He has lost the plot completly.

banned said...

Chocolate Chernobyl.
"Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate... oooh, such sweet memories; Turnpike Lane fleapit ABC Cinema C1970+?

Well I was only 13!