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gordon brown tantrums no. 14

14. Throwing computers onto the floor

“His private tantrums, culminating once in a computer thrown onto the floor…” (Gordon Brown by Tom Bower). What others have said about working with him. “It’s disgusting...It’s the ghastly macho culture in there. It’s all willy-waving.” (A female minister in The Spectator, 11 June 2009). “He’s morally bankrupt...If you think you can’t win the argument on substance you end up falling back on political fixes and smears. ” (A cabinet minister in The Times on 5th June 2009). “Publicly, Gordon talks about values and his moral compass, but actually the way he conducts himself behind the scenes is anything but that — it’s brutal....That’s what he does. The last ten years is littered with people who’ve been cast aside. ” (Peter Watt in The Times, 11th May 2009). “Brown has never been known for his composure under pressure. He throws things - telephones, mugs, anything to hand. He screams at people. In short, he loses it and, if your staff are never sure when they might need to duck, they are not going to give you their best advice. And Brown needs all the advice he can get.” (Lance Price, former Labour spin doctor in The Mail on Sunday, 3 May 2009). “The trouble is that Gordon is basically mental. Perhaps he already was, but he is getting worse. He is constantly on the phone and won't leave ministers alone to get on with the job. ” (A Cabinet Minister in The Express, 25 April 2008).

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Ollie Cromwell said...
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Ollie Cromwell said...
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Fidothedog said...

Sorted now, I blame Gordoom.

Anonymous said...

"A future fair for all" may mean that New Labour see us all as Pikeys in the coming years, living hand to mouth as trailer trash, as we juggle our balls looking for work in their Soviet utopia.

Barking Spider said...

Great selection of Gordoom's cuntitude, Fido. I like Lorenzo's take on it - "A Future Fucked For All".

banned said...

Sounds just like my first Bossete, see next post above, comment.