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Baroness Scotland, is the Attorney General lying under oath?

A liar and fugly as well.

She gets a fine under laws that she helped to bring in, now the Attorney General is in court as a witness, then accused of lying to the court about her employment of an illegal alien.

Yet at no point has she even considered doing the right thing and going into a room with a service revolver and a bottle of whisky for a quick respray of the wall in a nice shade of brain, er resigning her position which is shaming her office.

Me I think she is a typical example of a career politico, out for herself, a grafting, self serving hang onto power at any cost politico and I for one believe she is lying and believe the illegals version of events.

1 people have spoken:

Topper said...

Why should a scrotey little |Chav take any notice of the Law, when his political masters don't?

We need a Lord Protector who will give us Ministers and Magistrates who follow some form of Moral Absolute.

We certainly need it. Lev. 26.