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Ed Balls(up) AKA Piers Fletcher-Dervish fined for driving while on his mobile.

Stammering and st-st-stuttering fuckwit Ed Balls has been caught an fined, a surprise as I thought all Labour ministers drove about in Zil 4104's in private lanes reserved for the Soviet elite New Labour ministers.

Ed B-B-B-Balls was condemned by road safety campaigners last night after being caught driving while talking on a mobile phone - as his children slept in the back seat.

The Ch-Ch-Children's Secretary was fined £60 and given three points on his licence after being stopped by police on a dual carriageway last weekend.

Mr B-B-Balls said he had picked up the phone because he feared that his children would be disturbed if he used the car's hands-free system.

In a statement, Mr Balls said: 'Although our car has hands-f-f-f-free, I took my phone off the cradle because I did not want to wake the kids. We got w-w-w-waved down by a police car almost immediately and I accepted the fine and three points there and then.

'I 100 per cent support the law on mobile phones - it's there to protect the safety of all drivers, passengers and pedestrians.'

ED, no you don't you stammering inept cunt, if you did you would have ended the call and pulled over to check who it was from and called back if you did. He really should have a cock in his mouth if for no other reason than to shut him the fuck up, the cunt.

Oh some more on this inbred fucker, first up Ed has a stammer. Well so fucking what. Lots of people have stammers, they get on with it rather than bleating on about it.

Ed a house flipping, expenses fiddling champagne socialist along with his dog of a wife. A chap who threatens cuts and has his offices done up.

A cunt who sees 1984 not as a warning but as a ficking New Labour guidebook, as he plans for CCTV cameras in peoples homes.

A daft temperamental cunt who throws a strop when questioned by The Spectator.

As I stated before, Ed Balls is a sure sign that some gene pools have been allowed to stagnate and interbreed far to much.

A chinless New Labour wonder that shows that in some parts of the country inbreeding is still a major lifestyle choice.

fuckwit unable to remember the correct order of colours in a rainbow.
A fuckwit that sees nothing wrong with using a car to take him 150 yards.
The sort of fuckwit that utters the words so what.
A fuckwit who stated that lessons had been learned after the death of Baby P and then was proven wrong.

In the words of Devil's Kitchen:

Ed Balls: this man is an unmitigated cunt. And not the good type of cunt, the kind that attractive ladies have between their legs. Oh, no. This man is the worst cunt in the world—a diseased, unkempt, unwashed, scabby, Polly Toynbee cunt, with big pointy fucking teeth. The cunt.
F-f-f-f-fuck off Ed, just f-f-f-f-f-f-fuck off and d-d-d-d-die.

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