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Ed Balls(up) AKA Piers Fletcher-Dervish, his seat is up for grabs.

Some g-g-good news reported in The Express as they report that:

THE Conservatives have launched an aggressive campaign to claim the scalp of Cabinet minister Ed Balls on May 6, senior figures confirmed yesterday.

They believe the close Gordon Brown ally and would-be party leader is newly vulnerable thanks to a Lib Dem surge that could torpedo support for Labour.

Ousting Ed Balls would be likened to election night 1997, when Tory Michael Portillo lost his seat.

One can imagine the stuttering from that stammering fuckwit Ed Balls(up) as he sees his perks and opportunity to extend his property portfolio at the publics expense snatched away.

Something along the lines of "D-d-d-d-don't the p-p-plebs know who i-i-i am?". Lets hope that that fucking hideous dog of a wife of his loses her cushy taxpayer funded number in the House of Commons as well.

Some more on Ed the stammering inept fuckwit.

3 people have spoken:

Lightf00t said...

What a nice, tolerant, open-minded and multicultural politican Ed Balls is. I don't think it's mere coincidence that it's a black man's cock he's smoking in this pic.

Barking Spider said...

Have you seen his new You Tube channel, mate?

Just thought I'd mention it as there is no comment moderation and I'm sure you'd love to leave him a nice message..... like I did.....

Are you ready for your "Portillo moment", because on 7th May you will be history and that will be the end of Common Purpose indoctrination in our schools.

Byeeee..... missing you already..... NOT!

Lightf00t said...

I hope you're right and he does get his Portillo moment. The loyalty of the Labour drones is nothing short of astounding though, so there are no guarantees.