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Even New Labour's own figures show all is not well in the socialist utopia.

Maybe someone should inform the one eyed moron in the Downing Street bunker?
Violent crime rose sharply in the past year, according to Labour's preferred recording method.
Ministers consistently cite the British Crime Survey as they look to trumpet their record.

But figures released yesterday showed there were 750 more violent attacks leading to injury every week last year compared with the year before.

There were 1.12million such assaults overall, an increase of 39,000, or 4 per cent.

The Government uses two main measures of crime in England and Wales - actual offences recorded by the police and the BCS, which is a rolling survey of 40,000 people's experiences of crime, whether or not they reported the incident.

In a speech last month from a secure bunker, dictator Brown pointed to the British Crime Survey as showing that crime is down by a third since Labour came to power in 1997, with almost one-and-a-half million fewer violent crimes.

But this week the Daily Mail published a leaked Home Office document revealing civil servants' fears that the BCS may have been undercounting the scale of violence against children and young adults.

Ministers ordered a review of the survey 18 months ago, but have continued to use its figures to claim that violent crime is down.

Separate figures released yesterday showed an 11 per cent rise in sexual offences recorded by the police.

Now what with a rapid rise in crime, yet alone the crime that is not reported due to the apathy of citizens who feel it is not worth the effort; there could well be a connection with the massive influx of people into the UK thanks to Labour's open door policy.

Although the champagne socialists did not tell us at the time, neither did they put in their manifesto that that they were opening the doors to millions of benefit drawing savages in an effort to enforce multiculturalism. Still if being multicultural means being mugged, raped or shot on the streets by some model New Labour citizen from abroad they can keep it.

Oh and a quick look at this fine list of new citizens shows many a strange sounding name, cheers Gordon and co for bringing in so so many fine upstanding citizens to this land.

Don't bother complaining to the socialists, as the elite, the righteous who run this land see these folk as better than you.

Take former Tory MP, car crasher and jailed share dealer Keith Best as an example.

After leaving jail he wasted little time in jumping on the non job gravy train and is the head of the "Immigration advisory service", a quango that sucks £13 million a year from British taxpayers to provide spin on the benefits of immigrants.

A least one criminal has landed a job after leaving prison, aint' that right Keith?

So higher crime, jihadists, self detonating moslem doctors; Keith Best is doing a grand fucking job.

So having paid your £13 million fucking quid, this is what the righteous think of you, well Keith issues a statement stating:
"we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport"
You pay for them, yet Keith thinks the light fingered, gun toting, drug dealing, raping imports of New Labour are better than you.

As I said before what a fine upstanding citizen Mr Jama was when he fucked off back to that shithole Somalia in a frock after killing a policewoman.

For a safer future vote anyone but Labour.

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