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Gosh, lots of imported trouble makers thanks to Mr Brown opening the doors.

Just take a look at this shower, hardly a Smith, Jones or native Brit to be seen.

Maybe it is best not ask the awkward questions like how New Labour let in the savages to enforce multiculturalism and if you dare complain about the "new citizens" carrying out crime that makes you an evil racist.

Jamacian yardies, Albanian people smugglers, Russian gangsters who sometimes have meetings with Pete the pederast, Somali pirates, drug addicted Taliban members, Pakistani terrorists, Nigerian fraudsters and many more. All thanks to New Labour's open door policy.For a safer future, it would be best not to vote for Labour.

From the excellent Inspector Gadget and Rantin Rab

3 people have spoken:

Sue said...

I don't think Medhi the Left Wing Islamic Extremist would agree with you there.

"Nonetheless, this dangerous and divisive myth prevails. "We need to talk about immigration!" remains the plaintive cry, in which "talk about" is actually code for "crack down on".

Yes, we really do need to crack down on immigration and deport troublemakers like him and his ilk.

Fidothedog said...

Oh yes, lots of lovely illegals down this neck of the woods.

Lots of crime by them as well, wonder what he has to say on that?

Sue said...

He'll deny it. Lies and Spin are all Labour are good at.