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Labour manifesto, the meaningless words of champagne swilling scum sucking pigs.

What is the fucking point, they could promise each an every one of us a gold plated ladder to the fucking moon. It means not a jot and not a word of it can be believed.
After all they promised a vote on Europe and having broken their word once, having received votes on that promise, they can never be trusted to honor it again.

An dare to even question the pant pissing snot munching bully boy Cyclops and you are in for lots of abuse.
Reporters do not cheer at news conferences but this didn’t stop a heckler attacking the media for not standing up when questioning the Prime Minister.
The crowd, including some cabinet ministers, booed and shouted at questions they didn’t like.
Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, had his question interrupted by jeering and Graham Wilson of the Sun was booed just for identifying his newspaper.
Labour did not behave like that in the last three elections when the Sun backed them.
Gordon Brown was happy to join in this confrontational mood.
It was the most substantive aspect of the manifesto event.
In truth, Labour has little cash to spend or new initiatives to announce.

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