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Legal aid for 3 porky pigs.

David Chaytor, Elliot Morley and Jim Devine are accused of stealing almost £60,000 in allowances through false mortgage claims, rent claims and invoiced services.
Well after doing their best as MP's to line their own pockets with our hard earned, as well as voting to keep us from finding out that they were doing that; an now that that has failed they now face the justice system.
Having claimed that they are are somehow special and should not be tried like common crooks and as MP's are exempt from the laws that apply to us little folk. Thankfully that little ruse failed and now having hired their expensive legal chaps to defend them, they wait for this you will love it.

They are getting legal fucking aid to help with the costs! Sure everyone is entitled to legal representation, never mind that first off they refused to accept that the court held sway over them, or that they should be charged like little people and have grabbed themselves some high quality and expensive legal advice.

Something the average shoplifter will be unable to afford.

They claim however that it's the principle. Still after a career of dipping their trotters into our wallets, naturally they would see claiming legal aid off of the taxpayers as a principle.

These troughing fuckwits would not know a real principle, like integrity, decency or honesty if it came up and kicked them in their fat lard laden arses.

Had they a principle they would have resigned as MP's and paid back the cash a long time ago.

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